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The world is about to change my dear

The people in power are spreading fear

Does this look familiar to you from history?

And do you remember how this ended in glory?

How in the end everyone was sorry?

This time it's not gonna be the same

Because we are all to blame

But if you want to oppose and clear your name

You have to step up and and be part of this game

But remember

The good people are about to lose

Are you one of the good or bad

You can still choose

You choose to be bad and you will survive

If the only thing that matters is your own life

I bet you think you belong to the good

But better think twice

It's not enough if you decide by your current mood

Think about what's about to come

When everyone around you is gonna be numb

You will have to fight

For the things that are right

Look at the world

And don't pretend everything's alright

History repeats itself

But this time

It ends in the apocalypse



Look at the world and don't pretend everything's alright. History repeats itself, but this time it ends in the apocalypse.

The world faces ruin. In large parts of the world, nationalism and right-wing extremism are experiencing an alarming upsurge.
The theme of the collection is the apocalypse, the final chaos and the powerlessness of the individual when the end is near and all attempts to change direction seem too late. It cannot go on the same way as before, something has to change radically.
For me personally, the threat of this approaching apocalypse is very real and I see a possibility in fashion to address this issue and to create a chance which could make a way out possible.

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